Bank Iowa recognizes Mortiz for being people centered

By: Donovan W. Mann –

Humboldt, IA – A local bank supervisor is being recognized for setting the standard when it comes to the values Bank Iowa holds.

A retail banking supervisor at Bank Iowa in Humboldt is being recognize in the company’s inaugural Living our Values awards. Announced via a press release, Sheri Mortiz was announced as the recipient of an award that aligns with Bank Iowa’s “be people centered” value.

Mortiz was recognized by the bank for her ability to lead with compassion while celebrating effort as outcomes. She has a true open door policy and set ambitious yet attainable goals. By setting these standards she empowers her team at. Her commitment to prioritizing the needs of others sends a strong and important message to the Humboldt community that Bank Iowa serves.

Being people centered is one of the four core values that Bank Iowa works by. The other values include “bringing your best,” “enable great things,” and “think big.” The Living our Values awards come on the heels of Bank Iowa’s quarter one 2020 company-wide roll out of its purpose, vision and values statement.