Impact felt but not big in the local schools

By: Donovan W. Mann –

Humboldt, IA – The Humboldt Community School District is reporting a low impact from COVID-19 in the halls of the schools.

During the November meeting of the board of education Superintendent Jim Murray provided an update on the COVID-19 status in the local schools. He says there have been a low number of quarantines and even lower number of actual positives.

Murray says there has been no large outbreak within the students or staff. He says that less than one percent of the student body has actually been diagnosed with the virus. The percentage of staff tested positive is about two percent. Due to contact tracing and close contact with a positive Murray says about five percent of students were out in quarantine.

As previously reported by KHBT the schools were provided guidance from the state on how to handle the pandemic and when to go to remote learning. The first is the positivity rate of their county. The second is school attendance and staff availability.

The superintendent continues to hold high praise for administration, staff, students and their families. He is thankful and continues to ask them to continue to follow the state and county guidelines to keep the schools open. This includes keeping students home if they are symptomatic.

Murray does say he wants the school district to be ready to go remote if they need to. This is more in preparation if staffing becomes an issue. If the schools do have to go to remote it would not have to be for any extend period of time as long as proper quarantining procedures are followed.

Murray thanks the community for their continued support of the local schools and encourages everyone to be smart during these uncertain times.