Supervisors accept preliminary report and reclassification of DD 7 sub 2

By: Donovan W. Mann –

Dakota City, IA – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors make two motions to continue forward with a drainage project.

During the meeting of the supervisors they held discussions on a drainage project in drainage district 7 sub 2. The discussions centered on the addition of a tile to better the drainage and reclassification of the district.

The first motion was to accept a preliminary engineer report from Bolton and Menk, Inc’s Colin Klingbeil. Currently in the area there is a tile that is nearly 110 years old and to the north a tile that was installed in the 1990s. Between these two tiles there is a half inch coefficient but some fields between them don’t drain properly.

The report has an 18 inch tile and main going in to start which will become a fifteen inch. The pipe will be reinforced concrete. It will be a county tile that will be in place to replace the 110 year old tile if and when it fails.

Landowner David Hundertmark was initially going to do this tile privately but after re-evaluation decided it was better to have it done by the county so it could be properly regulated. The supervisors agreed and accepted the engineer’s report which included an amendment. This approval does not officially approve the project.

The second motion was to allow the engineer to begin reclassifying the district. DD 7 sub 2 is over 700 acres in size. This project would only benefit approximately 159 acres. The engineer recommended reclassification to avoid charging those not benefiting from the project. The estimated cost of the project is $100,000.

The supervisors approved Klingbeil to begin reclassifying. This motion does not make the reclassification official but starts the process. A hearing will have to be held in the future to make it official.

More discussions on the DD 7 sub 2 project will occur at later meetings of the supervisors.