Humboldt leadership stresses no threat to drinking water after notice of a violation is sent out

By: Donovan W. Mann –

Humboldt, IA – The citizens of the city of Humboldt will be receiving a letter informing them of a DNR violation by the city but there is no need worry.

City Administrator Travis Goedken says that the city along with People Service, Inc. are being required to inform the public of a violation that occurred eight months ago at the water treatment facility.  They had 12 months to inform all customers about the violation.

The city administrator says the violation as “stipulated in the letter created no concern over the quality of the drinking water.” All testing that was required was completed and the water is safe to drink.

The violation in question was taking out a piece of equipment for maintenance and failing to notify the Department of Natural Resources. People Service was required to inform the DNR within 24 hours of the equipment being removed.

The piece of equipment in question is called turbidity unit which simple measures materials like minerals in the drinking water and is not responsible for any sort of filtering. Goedken says that when the unit is taken out measurements and tests have to be taken at least every four hours manually. This is opposed to it being constantly measured by the machine as water flows through it.

The city administrator says he “really wants to stress we’re not talking contaminants.” This is not a device that measures things like e coli or other toxic water contaminants. “We’re talking suspended solids and stuff; minerals that exist in water.”

Goedken says that all measurements in the water are within the spectrum of safety. There is no problem with the city’s drinking water. The Consumer Confidence Report has guidelines on what things need to be tested for drinking water. “We have nothing that’s actually fallen outside of the acceptable ranges.”

The city administrator says he “couldn’t tell you” the last time the City of Humboldt has had something outside that acceptable range. If something is indicated as “high” it is still within that accepted spectrum.

The letters were sent out late last week by the City of Humboldt to all who are on the city’s water service.

Those with questions can contact City Hall at (515)332-3435.