Goedken to Decorah, Humboldt looking for next administrator

By: Donovan W. Mann – donovanm@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, IA – Humboldt City Administrator Travis Goedken is going to be leaving his position to become the next city manager in Decorah.

As previously report, Goedken was named one of the four finalist for this position in the eastern Iowa. He was offered the position, accepted and has put in his resignation from Humboldt effective September 9.

Goedken says that the search for his replacement has begun and that the city could have chosen to do the search themselves or use a consulting firm. He believes Humboldt is “poised very well” to find a qualified candidate for the position. There are some concerns for the departing city administrator based on current movement in the profession.

He says a lot of candidates have already found their next place to work, which leaves Humboldt at a bit of a disadvantage. The city has chosen to hire an executive search firm, which “will definitely help.”

Goedken says he wants to make sure he leaves Humboldt in as good a spot as possible before his departure. “We did move rather quickly.” The official resignation was given to council during their meeting on July 19 which the city administrator says was before Decorah had finalized his contract with them. “May have been jumping the gun a little bit,” he says.

However, Goedken wanted to get the council “moving down the path” of finding his replacement. The goal is to shorten that time where the city is without a city administrator to as minimum.

Goedken does reiterate that Decorah was one of very few places that could have pulled him and his family away from Humboldt. “Even knowing that, it was still a really difficult decision.” He admits that having to tell staff, council and city residence of his departure was not an easy task.

He says he’s “extremely thankful” for his time in Humboldt. Both professionally and personally his family has established many great relationships in town. “So, I want to say thank you, I guess, to the whole community.”

Goedken says that he has drafted a request for qualification and proposals for three state consulting firms. The request was submitted the morning of July 20.

Travis Goedken has served as the city administrator for Humboldt for six year. He will continue to work to the best of his ability for Humboldt until the time of his departure on September 9.