Price per day for inmates at Humboldt County Jail to rise Jan. 1

By: Matt Scher, [email protected]

Dakota City, IA – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution at their session Monday morning to increase daily room and board fees at the Humboldt County Jail.

The current fees for inmates serving time run at $50 a day and starting Jan. 1, the fees will increase to $60 a day. Chief Deputy Corey Lampe with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office says he conducted some research regarding the change.

The Humboldt County Jail can hold 14 inmates and is currently operating with a capacity of seven to eight on the premises. The jail receives overflow inmates from both Webster and Pocahontas Counties as well. The fees for room and board at the jail for inmates is typically paid by the county who sends them to Humboldt.

The Humboldt County Law Enforcement Center says if you have court ordered jail time to serve, you can call the jail at (515) 332-5450 to schedule a time to serve before the end of the month if you want to save yourself a few dollars.