Humboldt County Supervisors Meeting 08/12/19

By: Jacob Sexton —

Humboldt, IA — The Humboldt County Supervisors gathered for their weekly meeting at the Humboldt County Courthouse.

Public concerns included Superintendent Greg Darling coming before the board to discuss a reduction of speed along Wildcat Road where the speed limit in the county is 55mph before it turns in 25 mph at the city limits. County Engineer Ben Loots later explained that the county is currently working on that issue to reduce the speed to 45mph further out on the road and having a reduction of speed sign before it turns into the 25mph speed limit. Darling also commented on the Joe Sheldon Park cabin project saying it’s a win-win for the school and county. The Humboldt High School Buildings Trades class has built and sold 17 houses in the community and will be responsible for the building of the two cabins in the park. The loan for the cabins was later approved by the board.

T.C. Loving of the Boone Valley Watershed Authority appeared to discuss a possible grant from the county on a conservation area in the northeast part of the county near Renwick and Lu Verne that would be marked off and used for a dedicated hunting ground. The county passed a motion to pledge $500 to the Watershed Authority as it includes areas from Humboldt, Kossuth, Hancock, and Wright Counties for land conservation and nutrient and sediment management.

Next, Solutions Inc made a presentation to the board about software for the county for backup and ransomware protection for cloud based storage. Solutions Inc is currently the IT infrastructure provider for most of Humboldt County and says the cloud protection would cover all email licenses associated with county officials along with Office 365 coverage. The board passed a motion to go to the package provided by Solutions Inc for the amount of $900 a year.

Lastly, County Engineer Ben Loots came before the board to approve work in the right of way with Precision Drainage on 240th St. between Delaware & Elm Avenue. Pay vouchers were approved in the amounts of $78,994 and $15,956 to Manatt’s Inc. for work on P66 from C26 in Hardy to C12 on 100th Street. A change order for the Manatt’s Inc project was approved along with purchase of winter blades from Ziegler.

The meeting closed with approval of claims, discussion of drainage bills, and committee reports.