Public Safety Commission Meeting 08/12/19

By: Jacob Sexton —

Humboldt, IA — The Public Safety Commission met earlier this morning to discuss a few topics concerning the city. The first being an update on the tower project which has now installed angle iron supports.

Murphy Tower Service is the company in charge of the project and the commission board hopes that equipment for the tower can begin to be put in place as the project has been in the process of being fixed since 2017.

New business included action on a request from the city of Humboldt to connect eight street lamps on Sumner Avenue on the block of the Law Enforcement Center to the service panel being used by the LEC to cut cost.

It was agreed upon between the city and LEC for the city to reimburse the LEC for power usage of the eight street lamps. The meeting closed with the board accepting and placing on file their monthly budget report.