HCDA: COVID-19 recovery guides

By: Donovan W. Mann – donovanm@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, IA – Local development association compiling scattered information into guides to better help businesses and individuals recover from closures.

The Humboldt County Development Association has put together six resource guides, two of which are finance guides, three are general business guides and one is specific for individuals and residents. Director Alissa O’Connor talks about these guides with KHBT.

The guides are the collective sum of the info the HCDA has gathered from many different resources. O’Connor says these guides include both community and private financing along with state and federal resources. Business guides include information on how to best manage the supply chain and get products back on the market and returning to business with employees returning to work. She also confirms a resident resource guide.

With so much information out there, the HCDA has gone through the process of compiling the info on their website. O’Connor says that the creation of these guides will be very important as the local businesses continue to battle back from the COVID-19 closures. She says with so much information available in many different locations it can become harder to manage. This is why the HCDA put together these guides and put them in one place along with general resource links to other helpful resources.

The residents resources guides was put together with the same idea but is more focused on the individual. The HCDA director says it’s the same notion of there being a lot of information out there for individuals that is broad based it can become difficult to find. The idea was that if the development association puts it all together an individual could go to their website and address a specific issue through the resource guide. Examples O’Connor brings up includes resources to help those who lost their jobs or need to know where the food pantry is.

O’Connor does confirm the HCDA is still working on how to best distribute these guides to individual businesses directly. Due to the size of some of the guides, using email might not be effective. All guides are available online at Humboldtcountyiowa.com.