Humboldt County Public Health requests funds from Humboldt County to offset losses

By Alex Benzegala

Dakota City, IA – HCMH CFO AJ Mason on Monday described to the board of Supervisors the financial situation of HCMH. The total revenue of HCMH was $329,243 in 2021, fiscal year ending on June 30 2021. The total operating expenses for 2021 was $504,800, and HCMH incurred losses of $175,557 in 2021.   Michelle Sleiter, asked the Board of Supervisors to increase the County Public Health contract amount from $95,000 to $270,000 too offset the losses. Supervisor Rick Pederson asked if American Rescue Plan funds were eligible for losses. Mason said that he did not not know if ARP funds can be used for losses but anticipates more guidelines in the future.

The Board of Supervisors did not act on the request of funds on Monday but Board of of Supervisors Chairman Bruce Reimers said the Board will look into the request but said they cannot make any promises.