Humboldt Boys Wrestling places 7th in 2023 IHSAA 2A State Duals

By: Matt Scher, [email protected]

Coralville, IA – The Humboldt Wildcats boys wrestling team wrapped up their 2022-23 dual season at the 2023 IHSAA Class 2A State Dual Tournament on Saturday at Xtream Arena in Coralville, placing 7th.

The Wildcats entered the tournament as the No. 6 seed and faced off against No. 3 seed Sergeant Bluff-Luton to begin the morning. The Cats would battle back after falling down early in the dual, but would ultimately come up short with a 42-26 loss.

Below are the individual results for the dual:

Weight         Result
126                  Jayden Gargano (Humboldt) over Dalton VanWyhe (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) (Fall 3:37)
132                  Bo Koedam (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) over Owen Mayall (Humboldt) (Fall 3:26)
138                  Ayden McRoberts (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) over Brady Beers (Humboldt) (Dec 4-0)
145                  Ty Koedam (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) over Zayn Feaster (Humboldt) (Fall 0:51)
152                  Jase Goodell (Humboldt) over Hunter Steffans (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) (Dec 3-0)
160                  Ty Gargano (Humboldt) over Derek Moore (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) (MD 10-0)
170                  Zayvion Ellington (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) over Landon Halverson (Humboldt) (Fall 1:45)
182                  Garrett McHugh (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) over Unknown (For.)
195                  Gaige Allen (Humboldt) over Masen Streck (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) (MD 8-0)
220                  Gage Hoffman (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) over Kyle Caquelin (Humboldt) (Fall 2:11)
285                  Tayeton Lohaus (Humboldt) over Sean Zimmerman (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) (UTB 5-4)
106                  Jayce Curry (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) over Aden Prenger (Humboldt) (Dec 4-0)
113                  Cyler Cirks (Humboldt) over Unknown (For.)
120                  Ethan Skoglund (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) over Tyce Clarken (Humboldt) (Inj. [time])

Team Score:   Sergeant Bluff-Luton 42, Humboldt 26

After their first dual loss, the Cats moved to the consolation side of the bracket where they faced No. 7 seed Webster City. The matchup between No. 6 Humboldt and No. 7 Webster City marked a rematch between the two programs, as Humboldt defeated Webster City in spotlight wrestling matches at the Humboldt High School Gymnasium on Jan. 12 by the score of 36-27. This time around, the Lynx would avenge their dual loss to Humboldt with a 41-33 win over Humboldt.

Below are the individual results for the dual:

Weight        Result
132                 Jayden Gargano (Humboldt) over Brayden Henely (Webster City) (Fall 5:46)
138                 Tristan Mason (Webster City) over Brady Beers (Humboldt) (Dec 8-6)
145                  Luke Estlund (Webster City) over Zayn Feaster (Humboldt) (Fall 3:13)
152                  Jase Goodell (Humboldt) over Jordan Vankham (Webster City) (Fall 5:12)
160                 Ty Gargano (Humboldt) over Brady Jessen (Webster City) (Dec 10-6)
170                 Austin Mason (Webster City) over Cael Donahe (Humboldt) (Fall 1:15)
182                 Gaige Allen (Humboldt) over Skyler Scott (Webster City) (Fall 3:38)
195                 Dylan Burnette-Bingham (Webster City) over Colby Caquelin (Humboldt) (Fall 0:51)
220                CJ Hisler (Webster City) over Cael Newell (Humboldt) (Fall 0:28)
285                 Jaxon Cherry (Webster City) over Tayeton Lohaus (Humboldt) (Fall 0:13)
106                 Linden Phetxoumphone (Webster City) over Aden Prenger (Humboldt) (Dec 9-3)
113                  Cyler Cirks (Humboldt) over Dawson Bertran (Webster City) (Fall 3:37)
120                 Carson Doolittle (Webster City) over Biruk Zemene (Humboldt) (TF 21-6 4:31)
126                 Owen Mayall (Humboldt) over Gavin Wynkoop (Webster City) (Fall 5:10)

Team Score:   Webster City 41, Humboldt 33

Humboldt would head to the 7th place match to face off against No. 8 seed Williamsburg and would grind out the win with a depleted lineup for the win by the score of 36-27 to clinch 7th.

Below are the individual results for the dual:

Weight        Result
138                 Nile Sinn (Williamsburg) over Brady Beers (Humboldt) (Fall 3:56)
145                 Zayn Feaster (Humboldt) over Brett Santiago (Williamsburg) (Dec 7-3)
152                 Jase Goodell (Humboldt) over William Van Dee (Williamsburg) (TF 21-4 5:13)
160                 Ty Gargano (Humboldt) over Cael Moore (Williamsburg) (Dec 5-1)
170                 Landon Halverson (Humboldt) over Conner Parker (Williamsburg) (Fall 3:49)
182                 Gable Dayton (Williamsburg) over Unknown (For.)
195                 Gaige Allen (Humboldt) over Jeremiah Greene (Williamsburg) (Fall 0:53)
220                Gavin Vesey (Williamsburg) over Ethan Kunert (Humboldt) (Dec 8-3)
285                 Trenton Davies (Williamsburg) over Tayeton Lohaus (Humboldt) (SV-1 3-1)
106                  Lincoln Schropp (Williamsburg) over Aden Prenger (Humboldt) (Dec 4-1)
113                 Cyler Cirks (Humboldt) over Kyler Provin (Williamsburg) (Dec 8-1)
120                 Gavin Jensen (Williamsburg) over Levi Marchant (Humboldt) (Fall 1:16)
126                 Owen Mayall (Humboldt) over Anthony Fenton (Williamsburg) (MD 17-4)
132                 Jayden Gargano (Humboldt) over Caleb Mohr (Williamsburg) (Fall 2:55)

Team Score:   Humboldt 36, Williamsburg 27